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This is Imperator Furiosa, Captain of the First Breath. Leave your message, I'll get back to you when I can.

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Each ship has been given a copy of the following collection of Furiosa-centered rumors

Furiosa punches bad people in her dreams and they wake up with black eyes.

Furiosa and Max are siblings

Furiosa likes vehicles more than people.

Furiosa is going to propose to Tyrion Lannister

Furiosa eats people

Furiosa has a warm fuzzy side that she hasn't shown the Fleet yet but I know deep down it's in there.
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Furiosa's new prosthetic, built by Tyrion Lannister. Sketch by [ profile] trollin_ur_boys
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[The feed opens on Furiosa's face. She's tired, not exhaustively so, but she feels like she's been doing a lot of damage control for Max, and on top of that just generally worrying about Angharad, now that the other woman is here.]

We're all here, from different worlds, different societies and cultures, which makes for miscommunication and culture shock. I've been doing a lot of explaining for the world that Max, Angharad, and I come from, and I figured ... I might as well just make a public post about it. ['How to deal with Max' and 'Look at Angharad wrong and I cut you' were probably too ... forward]

In our world we are known as Wastelanders. That's all there is. Miles in every direction is scorched and poisoned Earth, with the occasional ruin or dwindling oasis. Society thrives through vehicles; it's the only way to travel. All vehicles are customized to befit their tribe and purpose. They're ... in high demand.

Anyone who's learned to survive in my world has done so through hardening themselves, through paranoia, and through cunning. We are not people to surprise. We are not people to touch without consent. This may be a little late coming, Max's victims, she's talking to you] but hopefully a general notice will ... help avoid future incidents.

I held rank in my world. Imperator, something of ... a General, I think, in other comparable societies. If you have questions, you can come to me.
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Name/Handle: Krakatau
Contact: [ profile] krakatau
Reference: Wiki

Character name: Imperator Furiosa
Character journal: [personal profile] kill_switch
Series name: Mad Max: Fury Road
Canon notes: Includes Mad Max: Fury Road, and Furiosa one-shot comic.

Species: Human

"Out here, everything hurts."

The world is poisoned. Civilization as we know it has collapsed and what humanity remains exists in pockets across a barren wasteland. Danger is everywhere; massive sandstorms with tornadoes and lightning. Blazing daytimes, freezing nights. Tyrrany, bandits, invasions.

Furiosa grew up in the Green Place of Many Mothers, a rare lush, treed area. She was of the Vuvalini; a member of the Swaddle Dog clan. Around age 20, Furiosa was kidnapped from her clan along with her mother, who died three days after the abduction. Furiosa was taken to the Citadel where she was kept as a breeder for Immortan Joe. He wanted to rule the world, and populate it with healthy male heirs. Furiosa eventually leaves the breeders and becomes a fighter, working her way up to earn the reputation as one of Immortan Joe's most successful and feared warriors and gaining the title 'Imperator'. They are something of a General; feared and respected. She was the one he brought in to protect her current Wives from his son Rictus Erectus, and to keep an eye on them to quell dissent.

The Wives didn't trust her, considering her another mindless pawn under Immortan Joe's rule. They disdained and ignored her. Rictus seemed to be the lesser threat, however, when Furiosa stops Angharad the Splendid from aborting her own child. The tension between Furiosa and the wives comes to a head at that point; she explains that as the Wives of Immortan Joe, they are given food, shelter, water - so much they are able to bathe in - and that everyone else, the half-life Warboys (riddled with tumors and diseases), and the citizens of the Citadel who wallow in the dirt and sand, are left without, suffering and barely surviving. But the Wives want their freedom, they don't want their children to grow up to be warlords like Immortan Joe, no matter what the cost. They call attention to the fact that Furiosa isn't any different than they are; just a thing, one of Immortan Joe's tools to be used when and how he wants.

"These are fine young women with strong minds, but if they stay here, they will perish, and with them, all hope. They need a leader."

But the incident causes the wives to be more open to Furiosa, realizing she was once a Breeder like them, and to ask about and past. Capable apologizes for her hurtful words. Furiosa gradually looses her edge with them. They talk, and begin to bond. Furiosa had told them they wouldn't last two minutes out in the wild, but they bring attention to the fact that she got out and she survived, and so can they.

Furiosa gives them hope. Hope leads to courage. During the next month's 'Patrimonial Duty', Immortan Joe attempts to take Cheedo first, who is still a virgin, and The Dag violently interrupts, pulling Cheedo away and screaming at Joe that 'She's the only thing here not infected by your poison'. As punishment he drags The Dag away first and is unnecessarily rough. This spurs Furiosa to action, and she tells the Wives about her home; the Green Place, run by women, with water, and food and animals. She wants to take them there.

In light of the incident with The Dag, Immortan Joe has his wives outfitted with toothed Chastity belts, and Furiosa is reassigned to drive the War Rig; a massive semi that hauls goods like water and Mother's Milk to be traded with nearby Gastown and Bulletfarm. Although it's done in the attempt to quell dissent, it gives her the means and opportunity to smuggle the Wives out of Citadel with the intention of taking them to the Green Place.

It's an otherwise normal supply run, until Furiosa makes a hard left and takes the rig and its convoy on an unplanned detour east, away from Gastown. Back at the Citadel, once Immortan Joe realizes what's happened, he sends all his able-bodied Warboys to bring her down and return his Wives unharmed. He heads out with them, calling in reinforcements from Gastown and Bulletfarm.

It's a rocky trip, costing Angharad her life but gaining Max and Nux. They finally come to a barren dunelands on the edge of an extensive salt flat, where they meet up with Furiosia's original people, the Vuvilani - or, what remains of them. They explain to her and the rest of the party that the Green Place had become poisoned and they were forced to leave, now living as bandits among the dunes. At first they make plans to stock up on whatever provisions they can carry and strike out over the Salt Flats, but Max gives them with the suggestion to cut back towards the Citadel, which is currently undefended, and trap the warparties in the canyon using the War Rig.

This is the plan they go with, and while it is at the loss of many Vuvalini as well as Nux, it is successful, with Furiosa herself able to take out Immortan Joe. They return to take over the Citadel and start a new, better life for everyone involved.

"They call her 'Bag of Nails'."

Furiosa straightforward, fierce, and determined. She's got a physical strength and mental prowess that helped her gain the reputation as one of the most capable warriors, but also a compassion and empathy to risk everything to bring the Wives to freedom.

She is quiet with people she doesn't know, observant and discerning. The hard-edged face she presents the world is a result of having to cope through Immortan Joe, and exist in a warrior's world. It has become so much a part of her it's less a mask than it is the first facet of her personality that she presents to anyone.

Once she warms up to people, finds out who she can share a mutual respect with and trust, she opens up. Some things she never talks about in detail, such as how she lost her left arm, and she's still not exactly the most talkative, but she will offer insight and opinions and won't immediately shut people out.

She thinks in the long-term as well as being able to react in the moment. When the perfect situation arose to smuggle the Wives out of the Citadel, she acted immediately, and revealed that she carried with her a peach pit which she intended to plant once they reached the Green Place.

She's exceedingly resourceful and could be considered the mother of preparation. Growing up in an environment centered around vehicles, she's got an innate understanding of mechanics and engineering, and an intimate knowledge of the War Rig and how to use it to her advantage. She equipped the War Rig with her own personal kill switch sequence, so that if anyone else tries to start it up and drive off (much like Max attempted) they won't get far before the rig sputters and dies. There was a shield over the grill that, when lowered, could shower the engine cover with sand and dirt to put out flames. Over her time as driver she's stashed and hidden as many weapons in it as she could; a pistol behind a plaster skull insignia, shotgun in the ceiling, flare under the dash, even the bone-gearshift pulls out to reveal a stiletto blade. She knew she was going to attempt a final escape, and she wasn't about to go into it empty handed.

Abilities: accomplished melee fighter, marksman, driver, technician, mechanic, and survivalist
Augment Skillset: Pilot Augment

Tok tok tok

Furiosa's boots ticked out a steady rhythm as she made her way from the bridge down to engineering with purpose. This ship might be incomprehensibly bigger than the War Rig she'd previously driven, but she could tell when things weren't lining up correctly. She could feel it. It might be less noticeable than brake lines failing on the Rig but she knew machines. She knew when they needed to be fixed.

As Captain she could have easily just left it at the call down to engineering she'd sent earlier, but the benefit of flying a massive rig like this through the vastly empty reaches of space, she didn't have to be at the helm 100% of the time. After taking a second to glance through their charted course, she notified her second in command and then started down into the bowels of the ship.

She wouldn't interfere with the engineering staff seeing to the issue, but she wanted to watch. You get to know your mechanical beast, you better know how to handle it. You know how far you can push it, where you can make it lean when you're in a pinch. What you can ignore until the next pit stop and what needs attention immediately.

The door slid into the wall and she entered the engineering office, crossing her flesh arm over her mechanic prosthetic and shifting her weight. She glanced at the engineer on duty and then nodded over at the impossibly massive engine itself and inner workings of the ship.

"So. What're we lookin' at?"


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